Concrete Supplier In Manhattan

If you’re a concrete contractor that needs to find a Concrete Supplier in Manhattan, then A1 Transit Mix will work with you every step of the way, from getting a quote on a concrete delivery to Manhattan when you need it most.

We have been a trusted concrete supplier in Manhattan for over 25 years and rolling. We love to work with contractors who get things done NYC style. We welcome new clients and love our old clients many of whom have been with us from the very start.

Getting a concrete delivery should not be a hassle we offer concrete deliveries to uptown Manhattan and other points daily 6 days a week from 7am -10Pm over night concrete deliveries to Manhattan must be discussed ahead of time and planned out with permits and other items when you call.

Concrete Supplier In Manhattan

We offer many types of concrete mixes including light weight concrete for the jobs where weight is an issue. We work with you to prep the light weight stone days ahead of your concrete pour by soaking it in water to get the water levels maxed out. Light weight stone is like a sponge and need to be primed with water so it does not take it from the concrete on day of concrete pour causing the concrete to dry too fast.

We make sure we have this taken care of with prior notice from you about needing light weight concrete. Once we hear from you we soak the rocks until the day of your job a few days to a week later.

Our drivers are on point and will be ready to help you get that concrete to its final resting place. They are well trained and polite and if you find that not to be the case please contact us so we can take care of any problems you see arising.

If you’re looking for a Tr3 report in a hurry we can get that done for you as service we provide. just call and ask when you order your concrete. Call 718-292-2355

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