Concrete Mafia Blocks For Sale

Do you need big concrete blocks delivered? Widely know as Mafia Blocks used for retaining walls, balusters or barricades?

If so we offer all types of concrete blocks delivered in the Bronx, NYC, Manhattan, New Jersey right to your job-site so if your building a retaining walls from mafia blocks we offer both a standard six foot long Concrete Blocks.

Standard Mafia Blocks For Sale

Or high end Decretive Concrete Blocks. Six foot long mafia blocks are two foot in height and two foot wide.

Deco Mafia Blocks For Sale

Other uses for theses big concrete blocks are as balusters to tie in stages and temporary structures to hold them in place such as circus and catering tents for concerts and venues.

Others use the concrete blocks to separate materials from each other this can include aggregates and Salt for snow plow operations.

These big mafia style concrete blocks make good blockades for dead end streets or to put in a line across front lawns where cars have been known to crash onto or into homes.

We deliver big concrete blocks in the bronx, NJ and Manhattan 516-232-3463 Call John

We also offer other retaining wall systems and products upon request call John 516-232-3463 for more info on Concrete Blocks for sale.

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