Ready Mix Delivery For Emergency Only Due To Covid -19

If you are a contractor that has an emergency job that must get done and you have a letter starting the scope and nature of your work than give us a call so we can find out if you can be sent a concrete delivery or not at this time due to Covid-19 also known as Corona Virus.

We hope to get back to some type of normal concrete delivery as soon as possible and as soon as this problem goes away and people are healthy again. We wish the best for the world and everyone in it and their families.

We will be here for you stronger than ever when things progress into some sense of normality and we can all get back to building the things that were left on a hold the day the world paused.

To talk to us give us a call at 718-292-3255 we would love to hear from you even if its just to talk about future projects and to answer an questions you may have about getting concrete for emergencies during the Covid-19 outbreak of 2020.

Be Safe!!

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