Concrete Blocks For Sale Bronx, NYC, Yonkers And Westchester NY

We carry concrete blocks for sale throughout NYC, Bronx and surrounding areas. These big blocks are used to create retaining walls, Bins and are also used as a security messure in the post 911 world we live in.

With a rise in incedents where terrorist have used cars to drive trough crowds and just cars going through on accident on certain corners so to protect your house or back yard from car accidents in high traffic areas.

These blocks are used for many diffent reasons and are an affordable option for most projects, construction sites and major events where many people will be gathering together in peace.

We have two sizes and two styles below…

Standard raw six Foot Long big concrete blocks with hook piont for handeling dimesions are as follows 2 foot high by 2 foot wide by 6 foot Long and weigh 4300 lbs each block.



Standard raw four Foot big concrete blocks 2 foot high by 2 foot wide by 4 foot long and weigh 2500 lbs each block same as above pics 4 ft instead of 6 ft long.

Decrative Concrete Blocks with stone faced finish 2 foot wide by 2 ft high by 4 ft long and weighs 2300 lbs each block. This style also has flat top options for the top of the wall so you can put a stone cap on it to dress it up even more..


To book your delivery or pick up today contact Johnny Blocks at 516-232-3463 or use the form below to contact us. View or Concrete blocks for sale page

standard 6ft and 4 ft raw concrete blocks for sale and Decrative 4 ft concrete blocks for sale.

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