Getting Concrete Delivered Is One Thing, Gaining A Trusted Concrete Supplier In NYC Is Another

Lets face it you can get concrete delivered to your job-site by any concrete supplier in the Bronx and NYC right?  We  totally agree with that but lets face its not easy to find a trusted concrete supplier who not only delivers concrete to your jobs but does everything by the book.

You also want a quality ready-mix concrete product that will stand up to the inspectors and more importantly the elements and the years gone by.

We pride ourselves on having a courteous well skilled driver arrive on time when delivering concrete to your projects .  We also make sure that everything we do related to making great ready mix concrete is done the right way. When it comes to lightweight concrete for instance, it is important to have the light weight concrete materials soaking for a few days to allow for the pour-es stone to absorb the water to the fullest possible saturation point.

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This will help to avoid big complications on the job-site such as the concrete drying way to fast. This happens when the stones do not soak for days and act like a sponge the day the water is added to the concrete load before delivery.  With the proper handling from a trusted concrete supplier will avoid this type of nightmare from happening.




If you need a new ready mix concrete supplier in New York A1 Transit Mix (718)-292-3255

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