What Is the Diffrence Between Ready Mix Concrete Ready Mix Cement Delivery?

Most Concrete contractors and drivers think they are delivering cement, when the truth is they are delivering concrete. Now that that has been said lets talk about the differences between cement and concrete deliveries.

When the concrete plant gets powder delivered to it’s plant it comes as cement powder.  So cement delivery is a gray powder that is needed as a big part of making  concrete ready mix and concrete products.

Once the cement powder is in the silo at our concrete plant in the Bronx it is then batch into a ready mix delivery truck with sand, stone and water while the barrel is spinning the additives into the truck. So concrete delivery is when that truck leaves the plant and is the concrete is delivered to the job site it will be moist until it dries and gets hard as a rock. Keep in mind that concrete has a total curing time of over a month in time, although it can be dry enough to drive and walk on in 24 hours sometimes less.

If you need concrete delivered to your job site call Frank  at 718 292-3255 we would love to give you a quote and win over your business this season with exceptional service and concrete delivery prices in the Bronx, Yonkers and NYC.

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