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This Concrete Delivery News blog in the Bronx NY is dedicated to the concrete news, information, ideas, how- to videos and concrete related articles, such as concrete up-cycling. Also how to get the best price on ready mix concrete delivery & how to  lay down concrete and concrete finishing techniques.

Listening to what people want to know is what is all about. Before people set a website a message and that was it, No updates, articles, videos or ideas pretty sad I know. The world has change a lot over the past few years when it comes to marketing online. Its not about just selling your product for instance in this case Concrete Delivery Service

With this said only companies who really care about other people and their business are using blogs and social media like, Frank from A1 Transit Mix A Concrete Supplier located in Bronx NY


 Frank has hired my company Bloggers School to blog about concrete, Ideas of things to do with concrete like up-cycling it. And to work with contractors who want exposure and are willing to allow us to get the scoop for our blog. I was a driver for many years who worked for Frank and other companies and I know the topic well.

The best part as I said before the more generous people are with information these days allows them number one  to have a voice and two reach the mass with a greater meaning then just selling a product. Its more then just being a Concrete Supplier In NYC If you like what we are doing please let us know, We want to hear from you and what you want to learn or see us write about here.


Look At What Can Be Done With Concrete Stamping

Also if you need to order ready mix concrete delivery services or to hire trusted concrete contractors in NY give Frank Or Richie at a call at 718-292-3255 Follow us on Twitter and Like Us On FaceBook

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