Light Weight Concrete Delivery Service

Certain jobs call for the right kind of concrete for instance for a drive way that will have truck traffic you need a 5000 concrete ready mix. You might be asking your self, “What type of concrete do I need for a roof  or backyard deck”  Or ” When do I need to use a light weight concrete mix?”

The answer is simple any time weight would be a concern would be a great time to use a light weight concrete pump mix.

The reason you need to use a light weight concrete is because the weight is about 1/2 that of a regular load of concrete and can be used when that kind of heavy weight would be an issue.

Below is a video of a huge Light weight concrete delivery to a concrete pump hired for a school roof  in the Bronx NY


Light weight concrete uses light weight pours rocks that act like sponges when what is around it. If you are ordering from any company order early to ensure that they have enough on hand and have enough time to soak the rocks to get them wet enough so that the rocks will not draw from the water in the load or the main tank, if not done correctly you can cause the load to heat up to the point where the whole job and pump could be lost.

Always have an extra hose on big jobs for good measures, This should not be need if you that understands these factors and does the right thing.

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